Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reporting and Spin

Reporting and Spin

Further to "Cross-City Conspiracy Or Corporate Terrorism?" (Link #9 below) one can not ignore the fact that a taxi driver exposed the issue in the net first because in Australia we do not have proper media (other than corporate spin doctors).

Now it is fairly clear, former Premier Nick Grainer (who happens to be the chairman of the Tunnel Company) and another former Premier Bob Carr (who have been hanging around the $500 000.00 per annum bank volt of the Mac Bank said, " … the cross city tunnel project is the best thing since slice bread …"! However, their claims were rejected by the Cross City Tunnel Parliamentary Inquiry and public at large. These egotistic politicians are falsely trying to transform their private good as state good. A scenario of such a nature is utterly disgusting by any means or format.

The New South Wales Taxi Drivers' Association is a genuine workers association founded upon a few more workers groups, their structures, good name and reputation. Surely, it is not a privately owned entity or venture as assumed or reported by some lately. Such a fear or assumption could be traced from "remote control journalist" Peer Lindholt's Cabbie Magazine and reported mentality of some.

No one should ignore the difference between reporting and spin. Most importantly the NSW TDA is not a private property.

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