Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Gujarat Train Fire

How come the conspirators of the “9/11 of India” are still not prosecuted?

The Gujarat Train Fire was an accident. Yet, the Chief Minister of Gujarat and other opportunist politicians used it as a “9/11 of India” to systematically murder innocent Muslims!

How come the conspirators are still not prosecuted?

I say so because prime assets of India are:

1. Democracy

2. Free speech

3. Independent judiciary and

4. Secularism.

However, time to time, opportunist politicians and business people create "9/11" of India like Gujarat Train Fire and then based on those "emotive" incidentsthey organise ethnic and Sectarianism cleansing resulting in death of innocent people, tragedies and disasters!

So, we must not be prosecutor, judge and jury. Let's encourage everyone to settle their disputes through negotiation and other peaceful means.

From my memory, many Zionist instrumentality and media outlets were working overtime to incite against Muslims on that time! They did the sane during Thaksin Shinawatra’s deliberate Muslim Cleansing in Thailand earlier!

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